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Chief of Zone of Buterere

It was a pleasure to have the Chief of the Buterere zone, Mr Serges Hategekimana, visiting our NANJE NOBAHO Center last week where he stepped in our library for the first time and appreciated the presence of such a structure in the community of Buterere.

Together with the ED of JSBM, Ruremesha H. Hardy, the Director of the Nanje Nobaho Center, Nkurunziza Patrick guided the Chief of Zone Buterere in a tour as he learned more about different activities benefiting marginalized groups such as the youth and women.

Mr Serges Hategekimana appreciated a lot the existence of the canteen which supports #children and families in vulnerable situations to improve their well being and access to education.

Training Workshop for the Inspiration Hub Management – Kabezi & Cibitoke

Over the last two weeks, JSBM organized a training workshop for the HI management team (Hubs d’Inspiration) on creating a space conducive to learning through the APPS approach (Awareness – Protection – Participation – Skills development) as part of the “Empowering Youth Together” project supported by KIYO.

12 teacher supervisors, including 6 from the province of Bujumbura and 6 from Mairie de Bujumbura, benefited from this training which aimed to contribute to the set up of a quality learning environment within the school. Improving the learning environment will facilitate greater student participation, creativity and motivation..

The workshop was also an opportunity to evaluate the achievements of year 1 of the project and to agree with the supervisors on the new orientations and priorities of the project.

Announcement. Welcome ! JSBM is changing soon to Youth For the Community