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Category: Improving Well-being and Access to Education

An Eco-friendly Canteen for Children in Buterere

In partnership with Street Child Burundi and MUSEKE, JSBM through NANJE NOBAHO Center has chosen to build a canteen for 100 seats, allowing the arrangement of rectangular tables for a meal in a service at table as part of the “Improving Well-being and Access to Education of children in Buterere” project. The goal is to improve children’s school attendance by offering nutritious daily meals that help children stay healthy and full of energy. These meals also help reduce household costs for vulnerable families, and the pressure on children to assist in generating income, what will keep more children in school.

This eco-friendly construction will be annexed to the NANJE NOBAHO Center in order to allow easy access from inside the center. The work of the canteen is progressing rapidly. The schedule is contained thanks to good site monitoring. One particular thing about this construction is that we have taken into consideration the climate action. The construction is done with #plasticbottles to protect our environment. As JSBM has taken the lead in plastic waste recycling, the construction of the canteen was once again an opportunity to demonstrate our efforts and our will in the sense of fighting climate change.

To date, the structural work is not finished yet but the exteriors will begin to take shape rather on mid-December.

Announcement. Welcome ! JSBM is changing soon to Youth For the Community