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We Have a Dream

We are so excited to present to you all our vision of the future for the NANJE NOBAHO Center – Buterere. Building this center is one of our biggest milestones and with your generous support, we can bring it to life and allow everyone, most importantly children, in the community of Buterere to have a safe space where they can play, learn and build a better future.

Our mission is to construct the Bujumbura’s premier community center for protecting children’s rights, empowering youth and women and promoting gender equality across the educational system and employability spectrum. A building right in the heart of Buterere where we are already supporting children and empowering the next generation of young leaders.

Chief of Zone of Buterere

It was a pleasure to have the Chief of the Buterere zone, Mr Serges Hategekimana, visiting our NANJE NOBAHO Center last week where he stepped in our library for the first time and appreciated the presence of such a structure in the community of Buterere.

Together with the ED of JSBM, Ruremesha H. Hardy, the Director of the Nanje Nobaho Center, Nkurunziza Patrick guided the Chief of Zone Buterere in a tour as he learned more about different activities benefiting marginalized groups such as the youth and women.

Mr Serges Hategekimana appreciated a lot the existence of the canteen which supports #children and families in vulnerable situations to improve their well being and access to education.

Training Workshop for the Inspiration Hub Management – Kabezi & Cibitoke

Over the last two weeks, JSBM organized a training workshop for the HI management team (Hubs d’Inspiration) on creating a space conducive to learning through the APPS approach (Awareness – Protection – Participation – Skills development) as part of the “Empowering Youth Together” project supported by KIYO.

12 teacher supervisors, including 6 from the province of Bujumbura and 6 from Mairie de Bujumbura, benefited from this training which aimed to contribute to the set up of a quality learning environment within the school. Improving the learning environment will facilitate greater student participation, creativity and motivation..

The workshop was also an opportunity to evaluate the achievements of year 1 of the project and to agree with the supervisors on the new orientations and priorities of the project.

Our Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, Let’s Talk about It.

Official launch, Thursday February 2, of the new Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Club (SDSR) at the NANJE NOBAHO center of JSBM located in Buterere with a view to raising awareness, training, informing and also discussing comprehensive education on sexuality.


According to the 2016-2017 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), 8% of girls aged 15-19 have already started their reproductive life, 6% are already mothers and 2% are pregnant. This situation reveals the precocity of fertility in Burundi.

By setting, the causes of this situation, there is a lack of access to information in SDSR following socio-cultural barriers around sexuality. We will cite without limitation the taboo aspect of young people’s sexuality and the lack of parent-child dialogue around their lives in relation to SDSR, hence the urgency and the need for this club. at the Nanje Nobaho Center which is frequented by many young teenagers.

We appreciate Mrs. Grâce-Françoise Nibizi, Founder and Executive Director of Sacodé who joined us to share her experience in menstrual health and hygiene and donated a box of washable and reusable sanitary napkins “Agateka”, manufactured and produced by Sacodé, after demonstration.

These ceremonies were also enhanced by the presence of delegates from the Ministry of Health, the Head of the Buterere zone, the Library Without Borders in Burundi, the Mouvement Action des Jeunes (MAJ-ABUBEF) and those of Share Net Burundi who all testified to the usefulness of the existence of such a club in the community of Buterere.

Basic to advanced sewing course for beginners at NANJE NOBAHO Center

Nanje Nobaho Center is offering through the INKINGI Program a training workshop to women from Buterere on the foundation of sewing skills and get the confidence to sew garments and other projects by the end of the course. 

What they are learning are:

– The fundamentals of sewing, understand their sewing machine, different sewing feet, thread tension on the sewing machine;

– Different skills, like sewing a button, seams, corners, curves, panels, darts and pleats;

– How to sew 4 different kind of zips, welt pocket, bias binding curve and V neck lines, button placket and buttonhole.

We take this opportunity to deeply appreciate the donation of the sewing machines and the blackboard from PPSM which is helping a lot to deliver this sewing training.


Official opening of the NANJE NOBAHO canteen in Buterere as part of the “Improving Well-being and Access to Education of Children” project supported by Street Child UK and Fondazione MUSEKE Onlus this last Friday, on January 20th.

This project comes at the right time because food insecurity is a major barrier for the well-being of children, including their access to education. Rates of out of school children in Buterere are on the rise, children still in school are at risk of dropping out, hunger being one of the first push factors. Children with an empty stomach don’t have the energy to follow lessons, and, as food insecurity touches the whole household, are often obliged to leave school to go look for an income, as a child laborer, doing petty trade or as a beggar.

The goal of this food program is io improve the well-being and access to education of 100 children in Buterere, through socio-economic empowerment of 53 families and psychosocial assistance.

Let’s note that the ceremonies were honored by the presence of delegates from the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender and the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, the representative of Street Child in Burundi and the Secretary of the Buterere district.

Segal Family Foundation For Climate Action in Buterere

Supported by the Segal Family Foundation, the Nanje Nobaho Center, created by JSBM since 2020, mentors young people who are carrying out unprecedented climate action in the locality of Buterere.

Arclaine Hashimwiyaturagiye and her friends make different styles of furniture and decoration from plastic waste. Here are the photos of ecological furniture to protect our environment and satisfy our furniture and decoration needs for our living rooms.


Transformed from plastic waste, these pieces of furniture represent an effective recycling solution and a revolution in our fight against climate change.

According to Ndayikurungikiye Fabrice, one of the young environmental activists at the NANJE NOBAHO center, “For some, plastic is waste; but for me, it’s a resource. At JSBM, I learned to turn problems into opportunities.”

t is our hope that the more the younger generation takes an interest in issues related to their daily lives and affecting their future as global citizens, the more positive changes there will be through their actions.

Visit of the Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy in Burundi to the NANJE NOBAHO Center

On October 3, we were honored and pleased to welcome Mrs Karin Ehlert, Public Affairs Officer from the US Embassy in Burundi at NANJE NOBAHO Center – Buterere.

It was a moment of mutual exchange with inspiring stories to work towards a better future and build together our community.

What do Children’s Rights Mean To You?

Ending the week dedicated to children’s rights in accordance with the celebration of the World Children’s Day this year at NANJE NOBAHO Center, 5 children presented 5 drawings expressing what “Children’s Rights” mean for them this last Saturday.

The illustration on the 2 slide won the first prize; then, slide 3 and 4 won respectively, the second and the third prize. Congratulations to our winners for becoming the voice of the Buterere children and inspiring us.

Shika Award 2022 Is All About Recycling Plastic Waste

Thrilled!!! Again we are so excited for Hashimwiyaturagiye Arclaine on her achievement during the SHIKA Award 2022.

Her project about eliminating plastic waste by recycling them into beautiful products of art and fighting climate change at the same time has won the 3rd place in the competition.

Arclaine is the leader of a team of 10 young people supervised by JSBM through the NANJE NOBAHO Center at Buterere.

Announcement. Welcome ! JSBM is changing soon to Youth For the Community