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Empowering Youth Together

On August 24, JSBM organized a workshop to introduce the HI (Hub Inspiration) concept and the BD & OASP approaches to the supervising teachers appointed by the 6 partner schools as part of the “Empowering Youth Together” project which it will execute in partnership with KIYO for the next 5 years.

The creation of HIs and the establishment of structures within HIs are important steps that mark the effective start of activities within schools. A few weeks before the start of the school year, it became necessary to bring together all the HI supervising teachers for a presentation session of the “Empowering Youth Together” project and the BD & OASP approaches before the creation of the HI.

As for the rest, stay tuned for more information about the HI concept and the BD & OASP approaches.



JSBM alongside other KIYO partner organizations participated in the official launch of the “Empowering Youth Together” program organized by KIYO with funding from Direction Générale de la Coopération au Dévelopment, Kingdom of Belgium.

“This [5-year] program was above all designed, in line with the orientations of the government through its national plans and policies, to contribute to providing solutions to the challenges faced by children and the youth in our country”, announced the Country Representative of KIYO Burundi, Sandrine Sangwe.



On Thursday, October 12, JSBM started the activities of the Hubs of Inspiration (HI) at the Lycée Sainte Famille de Kinama where each structure of the two HIs is composed of 25 members.

To promote learning and improve the creative process, various tools such as games, books, magazines and comics have been made available to members to energize the HIs.


On October 18, KIYO Burundi paid us a field visit at Lycée Sainte Famille de Kinama to assess our progress since the activities of the Inspiration Hubs kicked off.

Practically, Inspiration Hubs are a creative and dynamic space created by JSBM in 6 schools (3 in Bujumbura Mairie, Ntahangwa commune and 3 in Bujumbura, Kabezi commune) where young members are called to unleash their potential and use their energy to express their personalities through their talents.

Note that this visit is part of the “Empowering Youth Together” project that JSBM is implementing in partnership with KIYO through the DGD 2022-2026 programme.

The “Empowering Youth Together” project funded by KIYO continues in the province of Bujumbura where a selection test was passed last week at Lycée Communal Kabezi, Lycée Communal Migera and Ecofo Nyamugari to form 6 HI structures (Inspiration Hub), counting each 25 members. According to the project, each school will host two Inspiration Hubs to give enough opportunity to students from those respective schools.

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