Jeunesse au Service d’un Burundi Meilleur ●  An empowered and active youth


3 Avenue de l'UNESCO, Q. INSS Bujumbura, Burundi


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JSBM achieves its goals by implementing the following approaches : 

OASP Approach "Academic and Socio-professional Orientation"

Services and activities designed to help young people make informed decisions about education, training and profession and to manage their careers

Comic strip Approach

The comic strip is a means of addressing in a clear, simple and illustrated way the problems encountered by Burundian youth. The tool is used in the school, academic and community environments.

Nanje nobaho bande dessinée copy

Ku Gicaniro Approach

An approach initiated by young people supervised by JSBM. The approach is aimed at young people from professional and/or academic backgrounds, it allows them to choose a theme related to the problems of the community and invite a specialist in the field to give clarifications on the subject.

Twibesheho Approach

A framework for expression and community exchange to strengthen social cohesion, peace and peaceful conflict resolution. Target group (men and women)   


Isange Approach

Community awareness through art and culture. The Isange approach is used in social and cultural events to address themes around community issues that threaten social cohesion and peace. 


Mobile Barbershop Approach

Providing access to personal hygiene and psychosocial support to vulnerable people in general and children in particular living in vulnerable communities or with special needs.

Breakfast Club Approach

A supportive feeding practice in a time-based space to improve somatic health, providing healthy and balanced food for children and capacity building for children as needed.


The Inspiration Hub Approach

An Inspiration Hub is a learning space that allows youth to discover themselves, to acquire life skills for a good life orientation so that they can impact the community.