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Our Background

The majority of Burundi population is young. The average (medium) age of the entire population is 16. With the medium age of 16 and 70 % of the population below the age of  30, you have a situation where the majority of this young population is unemployed and/or completely disengaged from any constructive development work in their communities.

The consequences of this is that many of these young people are sitting around in the idleness which is leading to a rise in the rate of violence, crimes of robbery, drug addiction, prostitution, risky sexual behavior which consequently leads to higher rate of STDs, HIV and teen pregnancy.

This idleness is also increasing the vulnerability for young people to be recruited into rebel groups and their participation in those kinds of activities. So, unless this problem is solved and young people empowered to use their time more constructively, the entire country of Burundi is at risk of what might happen if more and more of these young people get lost in a world of drugs and violence and rebel activities. So, it’s an urgent problem to be solved.









Improve access to education and school attendance

Education is a poweful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting child development.

-Ruremesha Hugues Hardy

Our Mission

Our Mission

Empower young people to lead the change they want to see in their lives and their communities.


Youth led community transformation
Global Objective

Global Objective

Enhance community participation by involving key actors (youth, women, and children) in the process of designing and implementing innovative solutions.
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Why We Need You

Child protection

With our program (Nanje Nobaho Program) we fight for children from poor community to hope for a bright future by school intergration and pshycological assistance.

Women empowerment

Through our capacity building trainings we help women to grow economicaly,socialy and to have access to sexual and reproductive health.

Youth empowerment

We provide opportunities for youth in an incapacity situation for them to express themselves, building self-confidence and become more resilent.

Donor satisfaction is guaranteed

We work with donors in a very transparent way so we can fight all together for the protection and promotion of children's rights, gender equality and youth empowerment.

Announcement. Welcome ! JSBM is changing soon to Youth For the Community