Jeunesse au Service d’un Burundi Meilleur ●  An empowered and active youth


3 Avenue de l'UNESCO, Q. INSS Bujumbura, Burundi


+257 61 27 62 56


On August 24, JSBM organized a workshop to introduce the HI (Hub Inspiration)

 the Hubs Inspiration: is a space for learning and growth. The objective of the HIs is to enable the young members of the HIs to discover themselves for a good orientation in life so that they can impact on those around them.

JSBM works with 6 public secondary schools (3 schools per province): Bujumbura Mairie and Bujumbura:

  • 24 Inspirations Hubs (HI) created (4 HI per school)
  • 300 pupils reached (25 pupils per HI)
  • School actors: 6 school directors, 18 members of the parents’ committee, 12 other actors (prefects, teachers, school administration, club representatives, etc.).

Empowering Youth Together” project will be executed in partnership with KIYO for the next 5 year.

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