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3 Avenue de l'UNESCO, Q. INSS Bujumbura, Burundi


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Street Child and its partner JSBM launch a project that focuses on improving well-being and access to education of children in Buterere. To answer the imminent need of food, we set up a food program in in a temporary center, where a balanced meal is provided for 100 children, before they go to school, which will immediately improve their health and their capacity to attendance lessons.

In addition, the project will aim the economic empowerment of the families, via increasing their income in a sustainable way, which will strengthen their resilience and ensure their exit from the poverty cycle. 

The direct beneficiaries are 100 children aged from 6 to 19 (43 girls, 57 boys): 

  • Primary school age: 24 girls and 32 boys, in total 56 
  • Lower secondary school age: 9 girls and 16 boys, in total 25 
  • Higher secondary school age: 10 girls and 9 boys, in total 1

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