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INKINGI PROGRAM strives to empower women and promote gender equality in driving social justice and building healthy communities

Since the end of the 20th century, our country has made huge strides to empower women and make changes for gender equality. Yet, gender inequality still has an impact in women’s lives and a lasting effect on the economy in general due to poverty, ignorance, culture and lack of self-confidence.

Promote women's and girls' socio-economic empowerment and gender equality

Providing economic livelihoods that enable women to access opportunities in local productive systems and markets, including employment.


  • Creating and supporting savings and credit groups Promoting women’s entrepreneurship and leadership 
  • Support in training, strengthening and accompanying women entrepreneurs  
  • Ensure regular monitoring of IGA creation





Improving sexual and reproductive health

 addressing sexuality in a holistic way, as part of emotional and social development


  • Access to information: Acquire accurate information on sexual and reproductive rights,
  • Developing life skills: critical thinking, communication and negotiation, personal development and decision making; self-image; self-confidence; assertiveness; ability to take responsibility, ask questions and seek help; empathy
  • Sexuality and the life cycle: Development of human sexuality at different stages of life (childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age, etc.)


The support of men is essential for women to better realize their dreams in order to reach the top of their career and project themselves as leaders in inclusive development.

– Kankindi Alice, Inkingi Program Coordinator

Ensuring the protection of women and girls from GBV

Methodologies :  

  • Psychosocial assistance 
  • Legal assistance

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