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Center for Cultural and Intellectual Development 

The Nanje Nobaho Center is located in the Buterere area. It has been set up by JSBM since 2020 to meet the following basic needs: 

  • Offer a space for full development,
  • Development of skills and talents of children and young people

The Nanje Nobaho center is made up of 2 categories of beneficiaries, in particular:

Community participation in the socio-cultural activities of the Nanje Nobaho center is estimated at 1780 children, young people, men and women.

The direct beneficiaries are divided into the various JSBM programs and various capacity building clubs. The Center has 538 direct beneficiaries divided into 9 clubs: Hub Innovation, Drawing and Painting, Contemporary Dance, Traditional Dance, Salsa Dance, Acrobatics, Languages: French & English, Computer Science and Theater Club). 


Not everyone has grown up with a local library down the street. This was the case of many children and young people in the community of Buterere. The presence of the Nanje Nobaho Community Center Library has changed a lot the youth’s perspective about their intellectual needs and how, we, in return, can offer them free educational resources. Not understanding the value of such an institution in today’s world is what keeps the ignorance circle among young people getting bigger and the rate of violence increasingly high in poor communities.

Henceforth, the NNCC Library is open to the public. This is the first library to open in the community of Buterere and we hope that not only children supported by the NANJE NOBAHO Program but also people from the community will take advantage of the treasure hidden in these books.





Computer Learning Program

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our life, it’s important that children and the youth get ICT skills and access to online information and are qualified to enter the business and job markets. The goal of this skill building programme is to bridge the computer technology gap among youth. However, we are still in short of desktops, thus giving children from the community of Buterere less possibility to get access to this opportunity.

Be more educated and more valued to be better and autonomous.

– The Center’s motto


Announcement. Welcome ! JSBM is changing soon to Youth For the Community