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Nanje Nobaho Program

Protection of children’s rights and responses to humanitarian emergencies
every child has the right to be protected and to have his best interests guaranteed

Improving physical and mental well-being

 Protecting children from psychological and physical abuse  

Intervention strategies 

  • Reunification between children and families of origin: identify the different vulnerabilities of children and prioritise the family unit 
  • Psychosocial support: to protect children’s mental health from the traumas linked to the lack of affection and the various forms of violence suffered in childhood in order to develop their resilience. 
  • Nanje Nobaho canteen: a food programme in a temporal space to improve somatic health, offering a healthy and balanced diet to children
  • Child sponsorship: intergenerational solidarity instituted to build emotional and social ties and provide moral and material assistance to the neediest children in the community.



June 12, 2020


Children's rights protection


Education, Help, Assistance

Improving access to education and school attendance

 improving school indicators such as drop-out rates, success and completion 

Intervention strategies 

  • Enrolment of children in school: ensure that the child is educated in a school
  • School support: build capacity in subjects learned at school to increase the success rate. 
  • School-Nanje Nobaho collaboration: quarterly follow-up to exchange on the progress of children reintegrated into school, benefits and challenges in the school environment.

Children are the roots of a country. If they don’t receive a good and appropriate education earlier; it’s a ruin for their country.

– Anitha IRAKOZE, Nanje Nobaho Godmother

Responding to humanitarian emergencies in communities affected by shocks

Hygiene promotion: access to the services of a hair salon (dental hygiene, hairdressing, hand and foot washing), a training session on personal hygiene and hygiene kits. 

Intervention in IDP sites.

Charitable assistance and donations: foundraising to assist people affected by shocks or the most needy

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