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Child sponsorship

Becoming the godfather or godmother of a child with JSBM – NANJE NOBAHO means:

  • Participate in the concrete and lasting improvement of their living conditions in the essential areas of health, education, access to drinking water and food.
  • Create a unique bond with a child regardless of distance through the exchange of photos, videos, drawings, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to meet them and see the impact of your sponsorship on the life of your sponsored child.
  • Act for the development of an entire community in order to support it towards sustainable autonomy for future generations.
  • Join our community of supportive donors.






Charity, Help

Child sponsorship as a solution to poverty

We are convinced that sponsorship is an effective and sustainable solution to eradicate poverty. 

  • We have an individual and community approach. Your donation is not entirely transferred to the family of your sponsored child. It is also used to finance sustainable projects that benefit the greatest number within the sponsorship program.
  • These programs are organized in several stages: analysis of needs, construction of infrastructures, training of communities, transfer of skills, etc.
  • We act in areas essential to the well-being of children: health, education, access to drinking water, food, child protection and economic development.

Child sponsorship, a human adventure

  • For many children, the support of their godfather or godmother is a real encouragement on a daily basis, which is why you have a privileged place in the life of your godchild.
  • We therefore strongly encourage you to correspond with your godchild, you can exchange photos, videos and even small gifts.
  • If you can, it is also possible to go and visit him. Meeting your godson is a unique moment in the sponsorship adventure. It’s the best way to see how much your sponsorship improves their living conditions and those of their whole family!  


Children are the roots of a country. If they don’t receive a good and appropriate education earlier; it’s a ruin for their country.

– Anitha IRAKOZE, Nanje Nobaho Godmother

Child sponsorship, how much does it cost?

You can change the life of a child and their community starting at $50 per month.

I want to get started; how does it work?

Do you want to take the plunge and embark on the adventure of child sponsorship? Nothing easier:

  1. After contacting us, you discover the portraits of children who are waiting to be sponsored.
  2. You will then receive after one week your sponsorship file containing: the photo of your godchild and the description of his living conditions as well as the address at which you can contact us.  
  3. We accompany you from the beginning of your sponsorship to guide you in this great adventure.