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3 Avenue de l'UNESCO, Q. INSS Bujumbura, Burundi


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Chief of the Psychosocial Support Departement
5 Years

Oswald Ndacayisaba Biography

Oswald NDACAYISABA is currently the head of the psychological assistance department in the JSBM Organization. NDACAYISABA (which means I ask again) was born in Burundi, in Mutaho commune in the province of GITEGA in 1988. This eldest of family of three children made his secondary studies at the Lycée GITEGA ex- Ecole Normale des Garçons (E.N.G). After obtaining his state diploma, he first continued his university training at the Grand Seminary Saint Curé of Ars of BUJUMBURA where he graduated with his degree in philosophy. Then, he was sent by the Catholic Church to DR Congo and to Caméroun to continue his theological studies at the Saint Cyprien Theological School of NGOYA. Finally, he has just obtained his BA in Clinical and Social Psychology at Martin Luther King University in Burundi. NDACAYISABA is also a therapist by training in EMDR approach.


In his daily life, NDACAYISABA is very passionate about two activities essential for his entertainment, in particular reading and intellectual debate on specific themes of an anthropological order in particular. In addition to that, he finds himself in his intimate skin during listening and psychosocial support, counseling; in short, during his work as a clinical and social psychologist, EMDR approach therapist. It is this latter approach that is highlighted too much within the organization “Jeunesse au Service d’un Burundi Meilleur” for its effectiveness in dealing with trauma from various forces. NDACAYISABA was responsible for the psychosocial care and reintegration of girls and women practicing prostitution in the DR Congo by making a community approach with the aim of financial empowerment. In Cameroon, he worked in the central prison of KONDENGUI in which he was given the task of accompanying during and after the incarceration of minor children with a view to school, social and family reintegration.

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