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3 Avenue de l'UNESCO, Q. INSS Bujumbura, Burundi


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NDANGA Rénaud Juvency

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
NDANGA Rénaud Juvency

NDANGA Renaud Juvency Biography

NDANGA Renaud Juvency did law studies at University of Burundi. Passionate in the Humanitarian Response Plan, he started as a volunteer in the surveys organized by APECOS (A project supporting victims of HIV and AIDS through Income Generating Activities): collection of qualitative and quantitative data in Mugina commune, Cibitoke Province (Burundi). In 2017, he was appointed as the Coordinator of the humanitarian program “Nanje Nobaho” in JSBM. After a training at Central School of Research and Development in Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning, He become the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at JSBM.

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